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  • The Sweat Equity Fitness High Intensity Interval Training Methods (HIIT) target and achieve real measurable results: high calorie burn, lean muscle building, fat sizzle, greater muscular strength and endurance, increased stamina, and enhanced mental strength & endurance - overall best health and fitness level.
  • Wellness Coaching to assess fitness goals, form and technique, and track progress! We will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you will begin achieving your fitness goals, quickly!
  • Our comprehensive fitness program emphasizes a lifestyle approach to fitness and overall health. We provide many tools for members to achieve REAL and measurable results - all accessible from the Sweat Equity Fitness App: Biometric tracking, nutritional tracking and guidance, and full integration with energy expenditure from workouts.

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Sweat Equity’s fitness team showed me just how far I can push myself. i have been a member since they opened and i am always challenged and always motivated. the team at sweat equity help me set goals and motivate me to follow through and actually achieve those goals. The group sessions are the highlight of my day.


Sweat Equity Fitness is truly a comprehensive workout program that provides the ultimate solution for implementing a healthy lifestyle. The workout is intense, the trainers are awesome, and there are numerous tools available to ensure that I make healthy decisions throughout my day.


The facility is clean, everyone is super friendly, and I can tell how I’m progressing thanks to their tracking systems. I'm super busy so it is necessary that i really get the most out of my one hour dedicated to working out each day. there isn't a more effective workout out there.


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