Top 3 Benefits of Weight Training


For many years, people primarily associated weight training with men looking to increase muscle mass. It is not surprising that many women have avoided weight training, as the misconception that weight training will add bulk and look unfeminine is still widely believed. Instead, many women choose to take up lighter activities such as yoga and spin classes. Even some men looking to slim down or build lean muscle choose running or bodyweight training to achieve their fitness goals in an attempt to bypass weight training. While these activities are very beneficial, few fitness activities are more beneficial than weight training. Weight training can:

Prevent Injury

Weight training is often referred to as strength training for a reason. When you strength train, you burn fat, improve bone density, and strengthen targeted muscles. Weight training provides you with the unique opportunity to isolate the muscle or muscle group that you would like to strengthen in contrary to cardio or traditional bodyweight training. With strengthened muscles, you can perform a wider variety of movements in your yoga class and bike longer in your cycling class without worrying about obtaining an injury.

Noticeable Results

Results are the reason why we work out. There are very few training regimens that provide more noticeable results than weight training, especially when you first begin. Your muscles swell when being pushed to their limits. This allows you to clearly see that what you are doing is working which can be the biggest motivator. The swelling of muscles is often followed with soreness, but don’t worry, this simply means that they are getting stronger.

Increased Fat Loss

Many people believe that they can only burn fat through cardio training. Cardio does help but weight training is responsible for 22 percent of your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). This is what allows your body to metabolize food after you are done training. An increased RMR can boosts your metabolism, providing you with more energy while speeding up the rate at which your body processes food.
These are just a few of the benefits of weight training, but all contribute to why weight training has become one of the most popular training methods. Join us at Sweat Equity to experience these heralded benefits of weight training. We offer high-intensity, station-based interval training sessions that include the best of cardio and weight training. Join us today for a free week in Fort Lauderdale!