Tips For Proper Weightlifting Form

Weightlifting is the optimal way to build overall strength and focus on specific muscle groups. Whether you are lifting weights on a resistance machine or using free weights, proper technique is essential. It may seem like all you need to do is get the weight up, but if done improperly, you might run the risk of sustaining an injury. To make sure that you stay safe and get the most of your workout, follow these quick weightlifting tips.


Breathing is something that we do subconsciously; you would think we would know when we have stopped breathing, right? That’s not always the case. It is very common for someone to become so focused when lifting weights that they stop breathing. All of their energy is on lifting the weight which causes them to grit disallowing them to breathe. It is okay to grit to get the weight up but you should always exhale at the end of the movement. Breathing gives you the energy necessary to hoist the weight back up for another rep.

Warm Up

Warming up is just as important for weightlifting as it is for cardiovascular activity. The last thing you should do is come into a gym and go directly into a workout. You need to loosen your muscles and prepare them for the workout. A good stretch after a brief jog can help you prepare for strenuous lower body exercises like squats and deadlifts.

Keep Joints Bent

Do not lock your joints for a large majority of exercises. When you lock your joints, you transfer all of the weight you were holding with a particular muscle group to your joint. This can cause minor to severe injuries depending on the weight being lifted. Keep your joints bent slightly whether you are lifting a weight with your arms or pushing it with your legs to avoid injury.

Controlled Movements

If you find yourself being thrown around by a weight, it is probably too heavy. When you are lifting dumbbells and kettlebells, you should not be rocking back and forth. When lifting barbells, you should only be using the targeted muscles to lift the weight. The weight should be in motion as your body is still and in control. Focus on performing slow and controlled movements rather than just “pumping the weight.”

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