How Technology is Changing Fitness


Although technology and your personal fitness knowledge often progress hand in hand, few have learned how to take advantage of tech advancements until recently. You can work as hard as you can as an athlete, but without a smart, well-informed workout you climb a hill steeper than it should be. Luckily, because technology has become so easy to use, it is rapidly changing how we approach our fitness. One of Sweat Equity’s primary goals is using tech to track your progress and help the environment.

We Know When to Hydrate

When should you grab that bottle of water during a football game? Even with years of experience behind them, many people make the mistake of either drinking too much water or not enough in the middle of an exercise. Improper hydration can lead to cramping, lightheadedness, and possibly fatal situations. Thanks to smart cups – specialized containers that can track someone’s water intake – athletes can inform themselves of the best times to drink through the day.

We Get Motivated

It can be difficult to figure out if a workout plan is going well when the results are not immediately visible. After the initial burst of muscle or energy most people get after starting a fitness routine, they find it difficult to keep going when the gains stop coming as quickly. Phone apps and other tech that helps us track data can provide an objective look at how our workouts are going, adding some fun games for those of us who want to stay motivated.

We Exercise Smarter

The same data that keeps us motivated also keeps us on track for our fitness goals. Wearable tech is becoming more common, and many smartwatches tend to come with preinstalled heart sensors which can provide more in-depth information. Sweat Equity’s fitness apps are specially made to fit within our workout routines, tracking the progress of athletes using our services so trainers can provide more personalized feedback.


While technology is making fitness more fun and trackable than ever before, you still need to put in the work! Sweat Equity’s fitness classes can help provide training routines for you to achieve your goals. Try a free week to see what a combo of our personalized training, apps, and group setting can do for you!

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