What Makes You Yawn During a Workout?

Working out has many effects on your body. When weight training, your muscles tend to swell, skin tightens, and veins become exposed. When performing core defining movements, your abs become very tight and can stay that way for some time when done in excess. These are very natural bodily reactions that we expect to occur during a specified workout. Something that many individuals do not expect to do while working out is yawn. You aren’t tired or bored, yet you find yourself yawning during a workout. Why is that?

Why You Yawn During a Workout

Believe it or not, yawning during a workout is completely natural. No, it does not mean that you should go take a nap or make your training regimen more exciting, but rather it’s your body’s way of cooling down. When you yawn you don’t only increase the amount of blood traveling to your brain, you also lower your blood temperature. During an intense workout, your body can become extremely hot depending on training conditions. 

You may be familiar with the bodily reaction of sweating when your body is hot but not yawning. That is because your body does not always need to yawn to regulate temperature. You are more likely to yawn in moderate temperatures like the confinements of a gym, rather than in extremely hot or cold outdoor conditions. When it is too cold, your body is already focusing on warming up even before you start exercising. When it is too hot, the air from your yawn is not cool enough to cool down your blood.

The reason your body needs blood to the brain during a workout is that strenuous workouts and movements require a large amount of blood flow to all your muscles. This is evident in the resulting effect of swelling veins. The blood yielded is likely diverted from the brain and yawning is your brain’s way of reclaiming that blood.

Excessive Yawning

Yawning is natural but excessive yawning can be a sign of a more serious problem. A couple yawns here and there during a workout is normal and to be expected when performing intense exercises like deadlifts and squats. If your yawns are excessive and begin interfering with your workout, we suggest you take a break. Excessive yawning is a tell-tale sign of drowsiness, and it is often a sign of anxiety. For some, excessive yawning may be a sign of an oncoming panic attack or dizzy spell.

The next time you yawn during a workout, thank your brain. The intensity of your workout may be robbing it of much-needed blood flow. For a highly intense and effective workout, look no further than Sweat Equity Fitness. We offer high-intensity station-based interval training sessions that include the best of cardio and weight training. Join us today for a free training session in Fort Lauderdale!