Fort Lauderdale Stations Training

stations trainingIf you are looking for a fun and effective approach to personal fitness, the search is over with Sweat Equity Fitness stations training in Fort Lauderdale. Achieving fitness results is near impossible with the average repetitive and boring workout routine. The Sweat Equity Fitness workout incorporates a fun, team approach that will push you to your limit for real, measurable, long-term fitness results. Our high intensity fitness classes incorporate timed stations for a varied, full body workout every time!

Stations Training

Sweat Equity Fitness stations training incorporates cardio endurance with power, agility, and strength exercises grouped effectively to help you strengthen and tone different muscle groups.  At Sweat Equity Fitness, our sustainable facility features self-powered cardio machines, coupled with an exciting variety of fitness equipment, organized into “stations” that differ in intensity and intent each day. Our enthusiastic coaches guide members you through a challenging workout that varies daily, for a fun and effective workout every day!

Stations training provides several health benefits, especially when it is coupled with high intensity interval training, or HIIT. If you are having difficulty losing weight or staying energized, stations training can help. The highly-varied movements and high intensity intervals provide for the maximum calorie burn, even after you complete the workout. As you sweat, your body burns calories due to the high intensity of the training. When you try stations training at Sweat Equity Fitness, your body continues to burn calories even after a complete workout due to excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, also called the after-burn effect, which is one of the best for aiding in weight loss. Our friendly and engaging coaches provide individualized attention and are highly knowledgeable about diet, nutrition and wellness.

Improve Your Overall Health

Fort Lauderdale stations training is an appropriate regimen for people of all fitness levels. Whether you are just getting started or exercise regularly using other methods, the Sweat Equity Fitness workout provides an exciting and challenging fitness experience. At Sweat Equity, we believe in fitness as an investment in our overall wellness and a tool to maintain a high quality of life. By focusing on functional movements, we train your muscles to work in harmony, developing them so that they can complete common tasks effortlessly and with a minimal risk of injury. Whether you need to carry a trunk full of groceries or run after your kids, stations training can not only improve your ability to perform these movements but also increases your stamina and cardiovascular health.

Run farther, lift more, breathe easier and feel better with a comprehensive fitness experience at Sweat Equity Fitness! Our energetic group fitness classes integrate the key features to ensure that you attain your fitness goals. Our stations training sessions feature equal parts strength training and cardiovascular training to transform your body and mind. For measurable and proven success, we even use biometric tracking to track your progress and stay motivated.

When you work out in our fitness studio, you become a valued member of the Sweat Equity community. The characteristics of our approach help you stick with fitness long-term; we want you to get that beach body and keep it! Begin reaching your fitness goals today with a free week. Visit and see what Fort Lauderdale stations training is all about!