Fort Lauderdale Personal Fitness

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Building a better and fitter “you” begins with an awareness of personal fitness goals. Depending on what you are aiming to achieve with your personal fitness goals, many gym goers find a program or workout plan that appears to match these needs. With so many options to choose, it is common to find yourself overwhelmed, with an inability to choose which program fits just right. For a Fort Lauderdale personal fitness club that can show you the rewards of your hard training, Sweat Equity Fitness can help keep you on the road to personal fitness with real, measurable results!

Functional Fitness

At Sweat Equity Fitness, we don’t just help you achieve your short-term fitness goals; we help you create habits that will keep you fit for the long-term. By investing in your health now, you are laying the foundation for a healthier future self. Our functional exercise sessions are designed to test your energy, endurance, and ability by pushing your body to the limit each time. These sessions include high intensity interval exercises that combine strength and cardiovascular movements to improve overall fitness.

When most people start exercising, they get discouraged by the daily time investment required to see results. High intensity interval training training only requires a short period of your day and burns more calories than most traditional workouts! By incorporating daily functional exercises, you will be better capable of performing everyday tasks with a reduced risk of injury and elevated energy levels. You’ll run farther, play with your kids longer and work harder without becoming fatigued as easily as you may have before starting an exercise regimen.

Track Your Results

When you put time and effort into a workout, it can be difficult to see results, especially in the first few weeks. Many workout programs start with an initial jump in muscle growth or weight loss, only to then have several months pass with no visible results. Though you may not be seeing it, your body is making progress.

Our biometric tracking technology – the Neo Health Onyx Scale – shows you the numbers behind how you are growing as an athlete. This technology connects to our app to show you real, measurable results that can help you attain the long-term fitness goals you deserve. Through these results, the personal fitness coaches at Sweat Equity Fitness can help you adjust your workout so that you can stay on track with your goals.

There is no need to walk your path to fitness alone; the app connects you to the Sweat Equity Fitness community. Stay in touch with fellow athletes, show support to others who are on the same path as you, and connect through social media! Our app also allows you to easily book sessions from your phone, allowing you a personal fitness schedule that works with your schedule. To us, fitness isn’t just a choice, it’s a lifestyle.

Ready to get started on a brand new fitness experience that will bring you fun, happiness, and fitness success? Join one of the complimentary workout sessions during your FIRST FREE WEEK at Sweat Equity Fitness today![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]