Tips For Proper Weightlifting Form

Weightlifting is the optimal way to build overall strength and focus on specific muscle groups. Whether you are lifting weights on a resistance machine or using free weights, proper technique is essential. It may seem like all you need to do is get the weight up, but if done improperly, you might run the risk of sustaining an injury. To make sure that you stay safe and get the most of your workout, follow these quick weightlifting tips. Continue reading “Tips For Proper Weightlifting Form”

3 Reasons Why You Stopped Losing Weight

Have you recently realized that you are no longer losing weight? You may have been doing well during your fitness regimen in the past, but now it seems like you’re struggling to drop your last few pounds. This happens often to many individuals on a weight loss journey and can be highly discouraging. Before you give up on achieving your weight goal, take the time to analyze what may have changed since you first began. Oftentimes, a weightloss plateau comes as a result of many self-inflicted issues. Continue reading “3 Reasons Why You Stopped Losing Weight”

What Makes You Yawn During a Workout?

Working out has many effects on your body. When weight training, your muscles tend to swell, skin tightens, and veins become exposed. When performing core defining movements, your abs become very tight and can stay that way for some time when done in excess. These are very natural bodily reactions that we expect to occur during a specified workout. Something that many individuals do not expect to do while working out is yawn. You aren’t tired or bored, yet you find yourself yawning during a workout. Why is that? Continue reading “What Makes You Yawn During a Workout?”

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The Importance of Sleep to Wellness

There is a reason why your mom strictly enforced your bed time when you were younger. No, it is not because she needed a break from you, but rather she wanted to make sure that you were well-rested for the next day. Sleep is of the utmost importance from when you are a small child to a fully functioning adult. Sleep becomes more important with age, yet many people often find themselves not getting as much as they need as they grow older. Whether it’s work, school, kids, or whatever responsibilities you may have, there just may not seem to be enough time in the day to get the rest you need.

Benefits of Sleep

According to a two-year study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, it is appropriate for teenagers to get 8-10 hours of sleep while 7-9 hours of sleep is suggested for young adults and adults. Deviating from the suggested sleep time can have a negative impact on your daily life if you sleep too little or too much. Find that balance in your schedule to allow for the necessary sleep time to be able to reap the benefits of a full night’s sleep.

Improved Awareness

Individuals who lack sleep are known to have decreased awareness. Their reaction times can be decreased which can be dangerous when operating motor vehicles. They also tend to experience a period of grogginess in the early morning. To avoid this, many people seek caffeine to get a sharp boost of energy which can be detrimental to one’s health if consumed in excess.

Better Mood

It is proven that lack of sleep negatively affects your mood. Individuals who do not get enough sleep may be irritable, impatient, and unable to concentrate. When you are well-rested, you are more likely to have a positive attitude and improved mood, which can help you face the challenges ahead.

Strengthened Immune System

A full night’s rest gives your body the time to repair itself from the stressors it’s exposed to during the day, thus strengthening the immune system. A strong immune system can help you fight off a cold, the flu, and other illnesses that attack you body.
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Functional Training vs. Traditional Workout Methods

At Sweat Equity Fitness, our fitness sessions mainly revolve around functional training. Though we train with enthusiasm, it is understandable that some people are confused about the difference between functional and traditional workout methods. To maintain a productive fitness routine requires time, energy, and a lot of self-discipline. You wouldn’t want to be spending your resources on something that doesn’t apply to you, so how is it that functional training differs from traditional workout methods, and is it right for you? Continue reading “Functional Training vs. Traditional Workout Methods”