5 Reasons Why You Need A Workout Buddy… NOW!

5 reasons why you need a workout buddy...now!

Can’t get yourself to the gym? Unmotivated? Boring? Cheating on your nutrition? 

What you need is a workout buddy, NOW!

Can’t get yourself to the gym? Unmotivated? Boring? Cheating on your nutrition? Fitness is important to you, and you always promise yourself you’ll get it going, but…….. What you need is a Workout Buddy!!! … ASAP!!!

Here are 5 reasons why you need a workout buddy, now!

“Exercising together is not always a case of competing; sometimes all we need is a little encouragement to keep going.”

1: You Will Actually Show Up!

Some days for many reasons you just don’t feel like working out. Some days the weather is miserable or you just had a bad day. In these cases, the temptation to blow off your workout, get comfortable at home and skip the exercising, especially when you only have to come up with an excuse for yourself. HOWEVER, nobody likes letting a friend down and it will probably take more than a pathetic excuse to convince your buddy to cancel the planned workout.

2: Competition IS HEALTHY!

Let’s face it; nobody wants to be a loser! While working out together makes both of you winners, no-one really wants to be that person who finishes that last rep ….. well last!! If your buddy doesn’t want to be last and you don’t either then you both better burn some extra calories!

3: Time flies when you’re having fun!

Everyone knows that time appears to pass much faster when you are enjoying yourself. This is no different when you work out with someone. While it is important to stay focused, having someone to talk to whilst going through your routines together means that you are spending more time working out, without even realizing it.

4: Come On! You Got This! 

“You can do this ! Just 1 More push-up!” Exercising together is not always a case of competing; sometimes all we need is a little encouragement to keep going.

5: Accountability is Key! 

With a solid workout buddy you can never get away with “I’m doing everything right, but my body fat just won’t go down”; you don’t even have to say it because your buddy’s awesome results illustrate how well the nutrition and exercise plan you are both doing works if you stick to it.  

So, if your workout partner is getting great results and you are not, then there’s something that they are doing that you are not (and you probably know exactly what it is you can do better)……………………So Get On It!

If you’re struggling with your motivation, or you simply want to squeeze more out of every workout you do, then one of the smartest moves you can make is to get a workout buddy. In fact, having the right workout buddy can often be the difference between failure and success, mediocre results and incredible results.


4 Strength training myths "blown-up"

Often, lifting heavier weights is the secret to scoring a leaner, fitter, hotter body!!!

…….time to put down those light weights and pick up something more challenging …….step out of your comfort zone…….

…….it seems your muscles have gotten used to moving that weight…… and even though you work out intensely you are not seeing and feeling the results as quickly enough…… 

……there is a secret here for you to discover …….the amount of weight you use directly affects the quality of the results you achieve and how quickly you achieve them……

Often, lifting heavier weights is the secret to scoring a leaner, fitter, hotter body!!!

The untruth that lifting heavy weights will cause your body to bulk up unattractively causes an unreasonable fear that has long kept many people, especially women, from using more than the lightest weights in the gym.

But steering clear of lifting anything heavy in your training is a big mistake. Strength is a sometimes overlooked, yet critical component of your physical health. Lifting weights is fantastic for improving bone density, joint and body mobility, and body composition.  Not to mention, from a functional point of view, that daily tasks such as lugging groceries, moving furniture, and climbing stairs become easier through the use of heavier weight strength training.

The benefits don’t end there. Physical strength leads to mental strength …..finishing a tough weight-training session makes you feel like you can take on the world.

And on top of all that, lifting weights becomes the ticket to achieving the slim, tight body you desire; the ticket to looking the way you want to look and feeling the way you want to feel.  This is because using heavier weight in strength training boosts lean muscle mass and fires up your metabolism.

Still not convinced? Check out these four common strength training muscle myths, “blown-up” and find your way to that leaner, fitter, stronger, smokin’ body!

“And on top of all that, lifting weights becomes the ticket to achieving the slim, tight body you desire; the ticket to looking the way you want to look and feeling the way you want to feel.”

The fear that one will suddenly grow large amounts of bulky muscle from lifting weights is unreasonable…..it just won’t happen.  That ‘bulky’ look is usually the result of adding muscle without monitoring your diet or burning fat; sort of under the fat.  You need to burn fat as well as build muscle to lose inches.  People look more defined when they have less fat on top of their muscles.


These are two totally different types of tissue, so even if you slack off, that hard-earned muscle won’t turn into fat. With decreased use, muscle cells begin to atrophy. If they shrink to a certain size, they undergo apoptosis and die.  However, there is somewhat of a relationship here between muscle decrease and fat increase: If you lose muscle mass, you’ll burn fewer calories per day. If your calorie intake remains the same, the excess food energy that is not burned can be stored as fat.


Clients often think they need to do extra cardio to drop the weight first, before they start lifting weights, let alone increase the weight they are using.  So, if you want see and feel the results in a hurry, increase the resistance you are using on strength training to a level that challenges you but at the same time allows you to complete the exercise using correct form.

Lifting weights increases the baseline number of calories you burn each day. Once you get used to lifting a certain weight you burn less calories lifting it …. Therefore, increasing the weight you are lifting will increase the number of calories you burn daily.

Since muscle tissue is the most metabolically active tissue in our bodies, the more muscle you have, the more energy you expend just to keep living.  Increasing the weight, will increase the muscle density, giving you more muscle…so you’re burning more calories, even at rest. That’s a win.


This statement is not so much a myth as it is misunderstood truth. The words “leaner” and “lighter” are not interchangeable terms.  As you become leaner, often the readings on your scale will not change much and may even go up! But make no mistake: The physical results can be dramatic. It’s common that the more muscle you gain, the smaller and more compact you’ll become. Your jeans will get looser, and you will drop inches, but not necessarily pounds.   

Top advice to all clients: Stay off the scale and use your jeans to measure your progress.

So, if you have been avoiding lifting heavier due to any of the myths mentioned above, we’ve got great news for you! You can start now! Stay connected to your body and effort level, what challenges you, will also change you… stepping out of the comfort zone, putting in more effort, and challenging yourself with heavier weights will yield high-quality, sustainable results.

6 Expert Tips to Get You Fitter Than Ever in 2018

6 expert Tips to Get You Fitter Than Ever in 2018

Whether you’re training for a half marathon for the first time, learning how to lift weights, or joining a group fitness experience, the following general fitness tips will help you reach your goals.

OK, you just took a giant leap forward by resolving to make fitness a priority in your life….Now what?  Beginning a training program for the first time can be a daunting and confusing adventure without some guidance on how to reach your fitness goals safely, effectively and efficiently. Whether you’re training for a half marathon for the first time, learning how to lift weights, or joining a group fitness experience, the following general fitness tips will help you reach your goals. 

“Even if you are gym veteran with substantial experience, these nuggets of advice come straight from the experts, and can become your greatest allies as you get fitter and healthier than ever in 2018.”

Create a Program, Start Out Slow

A training program that lays out your goals and a plan to achieve those goals, including methods to track and monitor your short and long term results will be indispensable for your fitness success.  Your program should begin with basics that build to steady results and slowly but surely lead up to the bigger goal.

Make Weight Training a Priority

Cardiovascular exercise promotes high calorie burn, builds endurance, and strengthens your cardiovascular system, but will not build lean muscle or increase muscular strength. To produce desired results including significant changes in muscle tone, fat loss and improved fitness weightlifting must be prioritized in your fitness regimen.  Weightlifting raises your resting metabolic rate, which simply means the amount of calories your body burns in the gym increases, extending the ‘burn’ time hours after your workout.

Do More Compound Exercises Than Isolated Movements

There are several reasons for this:

*Compound Exercises train many muscles at once.  The more muscles you can effectively train in a given exercise, the more overall muscle you can build as a result. Compound exercises are more time efficient, doing more work with more muscle than isolated movements.

*Compound Exercises allow you to lift heavier weights.  The best compound exercises put dozens of muscles and multiple joints through a large range of motion.  Consequently, compound exercises enable you to move more weight than isolation exercises and thus better progressively overload your muscles.  This is significant because the better you can progressively overload your muscles, the faster they grow.

*Compound Exercises significantly raise testosterone and growth hormone levels. The magnitude of post-workout elevations in anabolic hormones relates to the amount of muscle involved in the workout.  Research shows that compound exercises produce larger increases in both testosterone and growth hormone than isolation exercises.  The increase in these chemicals have additional positive effects on your fitness results.

Don’t Skimp Out on Good Food

Eating is a crucial part of getting fit! Your muscles can’t grow if you aren’t feeding them enough nutrition. Protein is the building block of our muscle tissues and will support muscle recovery and building strength.

When weight training, optimum dense muscle growth, as well as faster muscle recovery require about 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight.  Complex carbohydrates such as whole-grains and sweet potatoes enable your body to regain energy, recover, and give your muscles fuel to complete the next workout.

Incorporate Enough Rest Days Into Your Program

For beginners, working out often and hard becomes the norm very quickly.   A new fit lifestyle is an exciting new change, and it doesn’t take long to fall in love with exercising regularly. The easy motivation and abundant enthusiasm is critical for success, although overdoing it and not taking the time for rest and recovery will sabotage a training program and diminish results despite all the hard work.   Besides negatively affecting results, lack of or insufficient rest can lead to getting sick or injured, and this will put you out of the gym even longer than a regularly scheduled rest.

Cross Train

Since humans are basically creatures of habit, when we find one kind of workout we love, we tend to stick with it day in and day out. Fitness levels are greatly affected through cross-training and mixing up the type of workouts performed.   Workout programs mixing up strength, stamina, flexibility and athletic movements will yield a broader range of fitness and health.

Imagine how much stronger and more flexible your body will be next time you hit the gym. Success in your fitness program is all about giving your body a well-rounded program that will keep it guessing and growing. And always remember to have fun with it!

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