About Us

The Studio

Our Mission

To reduce our carbon footprint through renewable products and practices.
To conserve energy with state-of-the-art fitness equipment.
To ensure a sustainable environment for future generations.

Our Facility

Clean, innovative, and sustainable methods of exercise.
Features self-powered and self-propelled cardiovascular equipment.
Provides the modern utilities athletes expect while supporting the environment.

Our Services

High intensity sessions that combine cardiovascular training with strength training to form a highly varied and functional full-body workout increasing strength, agility and endurance, incorporating a unique approach to lifestyle wellness and health.

The NEO Health Onyx scale is a body composition monitor for biometric tracking, available from your profile on our app. As part of our lifestyle approach to fitness, the Onyx scale tracks measurable results for attainment of the real, long-term fitness goals that you deserve. 

One-on-one consultations with expert trainers who review biometric measures in relation to your own fitness goals. Based on the measures, members are able to plan out their training, nutrition, and lifestyle habits to help reach their goals.

Our all-in-one innovative and multi-faceted mobile app serves as a method to track biometric measures and progress, allowing you to conveniently book sessions and stay involved in the Sweat Equity community. Keep in touch and support members through social media!

We offer a fun way to get and stay fit for the ultimate fitness experience. Participate in specialized workouts, fitness challenges, social fitness activities and get to know our community both in and out our fitness facility.

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