5 Ways HIIT Can Boost Weight Loss

There are many quick fix fads surrounding fitness. Everyone wants instant results; we don’t want to spend hours at the gym or become calorie counters. While these quick weight loss programs often do yield negative results, there is an effective fat loss alternative. Its called High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT for short.

HITT is a fitness method that incorporates a short burst of intense exercises such as skipping rope, sprinting, or push-ups followed by short intervals of recovery. These intervals of intense exercises pushes your body into using fat as fuel for your workout. Below are five different ways by which HIIT can boost weight loss. Continue reading “5 Ways HIIT Can Boost Weight Loss”

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Are Fitness Tracking Devices Helpful?

The original fitness tracking devices were step trackers. Step tracking devices have been available for the last few decades, but they have become very popular in the last few years. The original device was popular amongst seniors attempting to track their daily activity. They were even given to school children at health fairs for similar reasons. These devices have come a long way since their debut when they were simply small gadgets that you clipped onto your belt. Globally, companies are now implementing fitness tracking technology into watches, cell phone apps, and even sneakers! Many individuals are purchasing this revolutionized technology with the hopes of becoming more fit, but it is it helpful at all?

Types of Fitness Tracking Devices

Step tracking devices can be found in many various shape and sizes. The physical appearance of these devices varies just as much as do the companies that supply them. While the basis of all them are to monitor your fitness efforts, each “wearable tech” device has its own niche that separates them from the rest. Here are a few of the various fitness electronics categories.

Activity Trackers

Probably the most common of them all are activity trackers. These can come in the form of a watch or pocket-sized gadget and are general fitness tools that have many helpful functions. They are equipped with accelerometers that accurately track your steps. These devices also track your calories burned, your distance, and even your sleep. Activity trackers are usually waterproof, making it possible to wear them all day, every day.

Running Watches

As the name may suggest, these devices are for a more specific purpose. These devices can be as simple as a general wristwatch with a stopwatch and alarm. The elaborates ones feature lap-counting, training logs, and interval timers. You can expect to find these in the form of a lightweight, semi-waterproof digital watch with a big face.

Smartphone Apps

Smartphone apps have become increasingly popular as smartphones themselves have continued to develop and transform themselves. There is a wide range of fitness applications that you can find in the app store. These range from diet trackers to workout tips. The more interactive applications have the ability to wirelessly connect to your watch or a chip in your sneaker and provide you with real-time analytics of your activity.

GPS Watches

These watches function like any other global positioning system. The only difference is that these come in the form of a watch. GPS watches are perfect tracking speed, location, distance, and elevation. These devices are usually wirelessly paired for your specific fitness activity whether that be hiking, climbing, cycling, running, and much more. The data collected and stored from the GPS watch and the pairing device can be accessed in a smartphone application or on your computer.


So are they really helpful? We guess it depends on what you plan on using it for. Once you found the fitness tracking device right for you, join us at Sweat Equity for a free week! We offer high-intensity, station-based fitness sessions in Fort Lauderdale that will push you to your max. Start transforming your body today!

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3 Environmentally Friendly Fitness Tips

Taking care of the environment is more important now than ever. The trend of “going green” is becoming contagious, and many people are looking for ways to make everything they do eco-friendly. This includes all fitness efforts. We have outlined a few everyday ways you can make your fitness efforts more eco-friendly.

Walk/Bike to Work

The CO2 emissions from your vehicle are one of the most detrimental gasses that aid to the depletion of the ozone layer. By simply walking or biking to work, you can get an effective workout in before a long day of work. Exercising before work has a reputation for providing people with a natural boost of energy and an overall higher tolerance for work stressors. By replacing everyday activities such as driving to work or the gym with walking or biking, you continue to complete your daily routine while doing your part in staying eco-friendly.

Workout in Nature

Taking your workout outdoors has long been a popular way to get a more organic workout while enjoying the natural benefits of being outdoors. While exercising indoors may seem more convenient for some, exercising outdoors can be more efficient. When you are indoors you are continuously cooled by the air conditioning, distracted by the television, and unable to reap the benefits of a truly intense workout.

You might have realized that you can run much further on a treadmill than around an actual track. This is because your body is not used to having to deal with the conditions outdoors. This is why your body is unable to perform up to the same standards as when you are exercising indoors. This eco-friendly alternative allows you to shut off the TV, unplug the treadmill, and be one with nature.

Eat Sustainable Foods

Another eco-friendly fitness tip is to replace your everyday food with sustainable foods. Sustainable goods are grown in a way that does not harm the environment and generally tends to be better for your personal health. A few of these foods are:

  • Legume
  • Bison
  • Rope-Grown Mussels
  • British Apples
  • Sheepdrove Organic Turkey

By switching out everyday meats and fruits with sustainable foods, you continue to follow your diet while doing your part to sustain the environment.

Now that you are aware of ways to be eco-friendly, join us at Sweat Equity Fitness for some high-intensity training! We offer personal group training in Fort Lauderdale that can assist you in maintaining your eco-friendly fitness lifestyle!