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Benefits of a Workout Buddy

“New Year, new me!” We’ve all heard someone utter these words before. It’s usually followed by a long list of personal goals, such as getting in shape by joining a gym. Unfortunately, that resolution typically gets tossed out the window by the end of January. How can this be reversed? One of the most effective ways to remain motivated and committed to a healthier lifestyle is to work out with a buddy. Besides being able to socialize with a friend, there are a host of benefits.

Workouts Become More Fun

Almost automatically, working out with a buddy becomes more fun than having to work out alone. Assuming you both know each other well, you’ll become each other’s cheerleaders as you try new workout and accomplish your fitness goals.


It’s usually very difficult to motivate yourself. You’re probably more inclined to give up on yourself if you are alone; however, with a buddy, you can motivate each other to try new workouts and push each other to do better. With a friend cheering you on, you can break your personal push-up record.

No Judgement

Walking into a gym for the first time can be overwhelming in and of itself making you more self-conscious. With a workout buddy, you can focus on your exercises without worrying about anyone else. Socializing with a friend at the gym can distract you from self-conscious thoughts.

Willingness to Try New Workouts

With a workout buddy, you can be motivated to try new workouts to switch up your routine. Assuming your buddy is into fitness, he or she can tell you when your form is incorrect, guiding you to better results.

Safer Workouts

It’s always extremely beneficial to have someone who can spot you when you do squats or attempt a bench press. Without a buddy, you run the risk of getting seriously hurt.


Having a workout buddy makes you accountable to each other. You ensure each other’s success because while skipping the gym is easier on your own, it’s more difficult to cancel on a friend. This method heightens your commitment.

Know When to Slow Down

Sometimes when we work out we push ourselves to dangerous levels in order to see immediate results. Not eating properly to shed weight fast, or working out too aggressively can cause harm long-term. A workout buddy can keep you in check when you are taking fitness a bit too seriously.

Avoid Failure

Taking shortcuts or eating unhealthy can have negative results. The benefit of having a workout buddy that you have a coach both inside and outside of the gym who can motivate you to healthier habits and hold you accountable if you take shortcuts.

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As human beings we have always done things in groups. We go to school in classrooms, we join sports teams or join clubs which are all group activities, however there are also many of us who think and work better individually. With this in mind some people will see better results in a group fitness session while other would get better results in an individual setting.

Benefits of Individual Training

Individual training works well for someone who need special attention. Sometimes, a previous knee or ankle injury requires some quality time with a professional trainer who can address their specific needs. These limitations can lead to poor performance in a group session where exercises are programmed for the group and not the individual. Benefits of Individual training may include:

A Better Start

As a beginner in the fitness world, having personal or targeted training is sometimes the best solution. Jumping into a group training session may cause anxiety because of one’s inability to keep up. By choosing to train individually at first, you learn the right exercises for your ability and gain advice from a professional. This leads to a positive first experience with fitness.
When you work with a fitness trainer, you can achieve specific fitness goals, where they be to lose weight or gain muscle mass.


Some individuals find it easier to work out by themselves than in a group because they have more motivation on their own. Group sessions at specific times can weigh people down and cause them to lose motivation.If this sounds like you, then working out at your own pace may be more beneficial.

Benefits of Group Fitness

On the flip side, many people enjoy group fitness for a variety of reasons. Some people gravitate toward group sessions because it is the perfect opportunity to meet new people and stay motivated during the class. Additionally group training sessions are much more affordable with lower hourly rates. Working out with a group of friends can be both a fun and empowering experience. Some of the benefits of group fitness include:


In addition to highly vibrant motivational coaches, within a group setting, you are more likely to push yourself because you want to keep up with the people around you. Group fitness classes are also a great way to hold yourself accountable for attending class.

New Exercises

In a group fitness session, you have the opportunity to learn new exercises that target specific muscles and regions of your body. Group fitness classes often provide a wide variety of fresh routines where you can have fun while getting in shape.


Within a group fitness setting, you are not only accountable to yourself, you are accountable to your instructor and the rest of the class.The feeling that you have let the rest of the group down can be a huge motivator for staying committed.

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