High Intensity Interval Training

Top 5 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the most effective ways to burn calories and lose weight while saving time and money. This amazing workout method has long provided athletes and people tired of traditional training with quick and consistent results. This is done so through the bursts of high intensity training with intervals of short resting periods and is repeated until exhaustion, hence High Intensity Interval Training. Listed below are the top 5 ways you can benefit from HIIT.

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How Fitness and Protecting the Planet go Hand in Hand

Many people want to work out either because it improves their mood, keeps them looking good, or they just want to stay healthy. It’s no secret that our bodies aren’t the only things that need to stay in shape; a toxic environment can lead to bad health. When unhealthy habits like pollution, using too many resources, or harming wildlife damages the planet, it affects everyone involved. The good news is that working out can naturally lead to some habits that can keep you fit while protecting the environment. Continue reading “How Fitness and Protecting the Planet go Hand in Hand”

Safety Tips for Weight Training

Safe Weight Training Tips

Athletes have two dangerous enemies: procrastination and injuries. We already have some tips to stay motivated for your workout, but how do you prevent injuries? This question is more relevant for strength training, especially when weights are involved. In strength training, you are putting more pressure and stress on your muscles than usual, and many common mistakes can lead to tearing, bruising, and (at worst) breaking. You can work hard and smart at the same time. Follow some of these safety tips when weight training so you don’t break your stride! Continue reading “Safe Weight Training Tips”